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Anybody who owns an iPad 3 knows the importance of having the best iPad 3 accessories. They can help prolong the life of your device, enhance user experience, and keeps your gadget in good working condition. And just like mobile phones and tablets, every now and then, you will find newer models of accessories for iPad 3.

Some of the new iPad accessories that are gaining in popularity nowadays include multi-purpose power chargers, high power external batteries, multi-purpose Bluetooth headphones, portable car chargers, and ultra-clear and transparent screen protectors. These are the accessories that are becoming indispensable to many iPad 3 users.

With so many brands, makes and models to choose from, selecting the right type of accessories that should go with your gadget is becoming more challenging. This is especially true if you are on a budget and would like to limit your purchases to those that are only needed. To help you decide on which ones to buy and which ones are more of a luxury than a need, here are some of the basic accessory groups in order of importance:

1. “Protective accessories” that can preserve or prolong the life of your gadget such as iPad 3 case and Screen protector

2. External power source such as External Battery pack, Portable power charger and Car charger

3. Accessories for enhanced user experience such as Bluetooth headphones and Multi-purpose stand

Protective accessories can greatly enhance the longevity of your device as they offer protection against potential internal or external damage. Without them, your gadget will be prone to scratches and to serious damage caused by impact or shock. When buying this type of accessory, like the iPad case, best choice are those with double or multiple layers of durable materials and those that have added features like card slots or built-in stands. For the screen protector, best choices are those that are thick and durable yet ultra-clear and transparent like the Frosted Screen Protector and the Privacy Protector.

For external power source, multi-device portable power chargers are now becoming so popular like the Power Station 5800mAh which has an 8-connection adapter capable of charging 8 different types of devices. There is also the Twin Socket-In-Car Charger with Dual USB that can charge 4 devices at the same time. This charger is really ideal for those who frequently drive their car on long trips. If you only rely on your built-in battery and don’t have an external power source, your time of usage may be limited especially if you are on a trip and a power outlet is not accessible.

And if you still have extra funds, you might as well invest in new iPad accessories that can enhance your user experience such as the multi-purpose Bluetooth Headphones with TF Card Slot and MP3 Player or the Speaker Stand with power charger. To some, this type of accessory is not really a necessity but if you have one, it makes you enjoy more the use of your iPad 3.