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 Checkers case for Ipad 2



- Classic and fashionable leather cover with foldable design for different viewing positions

- Made from high grade leather and hard plastic materials

- Provides three viewing angle positions for hands-free viewing and reading and for convenient typing position





To give your tablet an eye-catching appearance with a touch of elegance, dress it up with Checkers cover. It is classic and fashionable and will never go out of style. Apart from that, it also has numerous great features that make this iPad 3 case stand out. It is designed to endure tough conditions and provide reliable protection for your device against dust, dirt, scratches, shock and impact. Also, it has a foldable design that serves as a stand to help you enjoy movie-watching, reading or typing at your most convenient angle position.


 - With classic and fashionable look that will not go out of style

- Made to perfection using premium materials and intricate craftsmanship

- With three troughs that provide different angle positions for viewing, reading and typing

- Slim, lightweight and very handy

- Protects your device from wear and tear which affects its longevity

- Leaves all ports, controls and buttons open for easy access anytime

- Installation or removal of the cover is quick and hassle free; no need to use any tools

Scottish Tartan 360 Case for iPad 2

Scottish Tartan 360


-  Innovative cover with Scottish tartan design which can be rotated for different viewing angles

- Manufactured using high grade soft faux leather material designed to endure tough daily activities

- Protects your tablet from damage while allowing you to access all its functions





Scottish Tartan 360 is an innovative cover that is both elegant and feature-rich. It is also very easy to install or remove without using any tools. It is lightweight and slim making it very easy and convenient to carry especially by women users. Most importantly, it is designed to shield your device from dust, dirt, smudges, shock and impact. This product does an effective job in protecting your device.


- Stylish and elegant in design making your tablet easily stand out

- Made of soft leather material that provides a comfortable and anti-slip grip

- Superior iPad 2 case and designed to last long

- Can be rotated 360 degrees to allow different viewing positions for watching, reading and typing

- Provides everyday protection against wear and tear

- With accurate cutouts for ports, controls and buttons for easy access when the cover is on

- Slim and lightweight; will not add much weight or bulk on your device

- Installation can be done quickly without hassle

- Very practical for everyday use

Tower of Pisa case for iPad 2/3/4

Tower of Pisa


-  Cool and stunning foldable folio cover with picturesque Tower of Pisa design

- Manufactured using highly durable PU leatherette and plush microfiber for dual protection

- Protects tablet from dust, dirt, scratch, bumps and shock without limiting access to the device






With the picturesque Tower of Pisa in the background, this accessory can really make your device look stunning. Not only is it stunning, but this cover also has a lot of other great features that make it convenient and practical for daily use. If you frequently use your tablet for watching movies or reading, this product can enhance your experience because it can be folded without hassle and be converted into a stand. And while using it, it can also protect your device against daily wear and tear that affects the longevity of your device.


- Superior cover and will not easily wear even with frequent use

- Intricately crafted with a picturesque design to enhance the looks of your gadget

- Foldable and works as a stand for multiple purposes such as viewing videos and reading

- Lightweight and not burdensome to carry

- With accurate cutouts for all the vital ports and controls so you can still continue the normal use of your device when the cover is on

- It can be easily installed or removed without using tools


Rhombus Case accessory for iPad 2/3/4



-  Vibrant and sophisticated Rhombus Leather pouch with magnetic cover

- Made from premium leather material for maximum durability

- Provides excellent protection against dust, dirt, scratches, shock and impact






Rhombus is an iPad 3 case with sophisticated design and vibrant colors which make it very attractive. It uses premium material that is highly durable and can last long even when used constantly. It is also lightweight and slim; you will not be burdened with the extra weight and bulk when you use it. And with its magnetic cover, you can be assured that your device will be safe inside the case when not in use.


- Make your device stand out

- Premium materials used and superior craftsmanship ensures superiority of product that will not easily wear out even when used everyday

- Magnetic cover makes it easy to close the pouch and ensures that the device is secure inside the pouch to avoid slipping off when not in used

- Provides maximum protection against internal and external damage

- Very convenient to carry as it is lightweight and slim

- Your gadget can easily slide into the pouch


 Lichee Case for iPad 2/3/4     



-  Elegant folio leather cover with lichee pattern design

-  Made from premium leather known for durability and toughness

- Provides three viewing angles for watching, reading and typing






If you like to protect your item from wear and tear without much added burden of extra weight and bulk, you might consider having Lichee as your best iPad case. It is ultra-slim and not heavy making it very convenient to carry especially when you are travelling. Apart from that, it can also enhance your user experience with its three slot options for hands-free viewing and reading and more comfortable position for typing. Added to its features is its elegant accessory with vibrant color that gives your tablet that desirable look.


- With simple yet elegant look

- Uses select premium materials to ensure that the accessory can last long even when constantly used

- Protects your gadget from dust, dirt, smudges, scratches, shock and impact that may cause damage to your device

- Leaves accurate openings for all ports, controls and buttons for maximum usability of your device even when the cover is on

- Allows you three perfect viewing angles for watching videos, reading and typing

- Very convenient to carry as it is lightweight and slim and perfect for travelling

- It can be installed or removed anytime without hassle


Grid case for iPad 2



-  Elegant leather cover with grid design and elastic strap for closing

- Manufactured using premium leather for exterior and soft plush material for the interior

- Helps save battery life by instantly putting the item to sleep when closed and wakes it up when opened






With simple but elegant design, Grid is a good choice for both men and women. The grid design is not too flashy at all but gives your gadget a unique and stylish appearance. Apart from that, it also has some great features you will easily like. One of its good features is its dual-functional stand that provides viewing angles for watching, reading and typing. This stand also has pockets for storing business cards. Additionally, the covert has an elastic hand strap that will securely hold your device in place especially when carrying it during travels. Enjoy some other great features of this product by trying it out.


- Elegant design gives your device a stylish appearance

- Utilizes highly durable materials for optimum protection against dust, dirt, scratches, bumps and shock

- Supports auto on/off function of your tablet

- Provides excellent viewing angle for an enhanced experience in using your device

- Elastic hand strap provides added security especially when your item is not being used

- With pockets for keeping business cards

- Vital ports, functions and buttons are readily accessible without taking off the cover

- Easy to install without using any tools

Roses case for iPad 2/3/4



-  Stunning cover with rhinestones and 3D rose flower embellishments

- Made from premium plastic material and rhinestones for embellishment

- Protects item from daily wear and tear without blocking its normal functions




















Snap your gadget into this charming rhinestone embellished cover and you will surely love the new look of your device. The Roses cover is very versatile and you can use it for any occasion or for regular every day use. You will surely make a good impression with this iPad 3 cases. But apart from its beautiful look, this accessory is also designed to shield your tablet from dust, dirt, scratches, bumps and shock that commonly cause internal and external damage.


- Rhinestones and 3D Roses embellishment look really dazzling and gives your gadget a charming look

- Manufactured using premium plastic material tested for toughness and durability to provide long-lasting protection

- Protects your device from daily wear and tear

- With anti-slip surface that is comfortable to hold

- Leaves openings for all ports, controls and buttons for easy and convenient access anytime

- Installation can be done quickly and without hassle, item snaps on easily into the cover

- Slim and lightweight; will not add to much extra weight and bulk on your device

Tracery Case for iPad 2/3/4



- Beautiful and stylish flower-embossed leather cover with 360-degree rotating stand

- Manufactured using premium leather material

- Offers three viewing positions ideal for watching videos, reading and writing






Tracery is a stylish iPad 3 case with vibrant color and embossed flower design that can give your device a beautiful new look. This stand is very ideal for daily use to shield you device from wear and tear that can cause internal and external damage. It has an innovative stand that rotates 360 degrees to allowing you to enjoy both portrait and landscape stand position. And what’s good about this cover is that it does not block the normal functions of your item even when the cover is on.


- Flower-embossed design and vibrant color give your device a distinct beautiful look

- Superior product because of premium material and craftsmanship

- Rotating stand enhances your experience in using your device

- Form-fitting; securely holds your device in place all the time

- With hard-sided exterior and tough interior to protect device from dust, dirt, scratch, shock and impact

- With large circular cutout at the back to make the Apple logo visible

- With special cutouts to all ports, controls and buttons for convenient access

- Can be installed quickly and without hassle

Vogue Case for iPad 2/3/4



-  Classy leather folio new iPad cases with dual-function inner stand

 - Manufactured using special soft plush material for the interior and soft PU leather material for the exterior

 - Supports automatic on/off function of tablet and provides excellent protection against daily wear and tear





Vogue is a very classy cover that can give your gadget an eye-catching look. It is also packed with special features that make it practical for daily use. One of its best features is that it supports auto on/off function of the item, thus helping you save on battery power. Tablet automatically turns on when the cover is opened and automatically turns off when the coever is closed. In addition, it also has a dual-function inner stand where you can put your gadget for a desired viewing angle. The stand also serves as a pocket for your business cards. These and all other features make Vogue a great accessory for your item.


- Stylish design keeps your gadget in style

- Utilizes premium leather exterior and soft plush material for the interior with two layers of highly durable material for maximum protection

- Protects your device from wear and tear that affects the longevity of your device

- With support for the auto on and off function of your item

- Provides ideal viewing angle for watching, reading and typing

- Elastic hand strap keeps your device inside the pouch when not in use

- With pockets allotted for business cards

- Allows full access to all available ports, controls and buttons

- Installation is quick and easy


White Leopard Case for iPad 2/3/4

White Leopard


-  Stylish leather handbag with white leopard skin design

 - Made from premium leather designed for long-lasting use

 - Tablet automatically sleeps when the cover is closed and automatically turns on when the cover is opened






White Leopard is a stylish and a fashionable accessory that can make your gadget stand out. It is also very convenient to carry because of its handbag design. It is ideal for daily use, travels or for special occasions. You can rely on this bag to provide excellent protection for your device from dust, dirt, scratches, shock and impact, thereby preventing any damage. Additionally, having this case on, you can still have full access to all the functions because of its accurate cutouts for all ports, controls and buttons.

- White leopard skin design as well as the handbag style handle gives your device an elegant and cool look

- The internal leather protective cover is detachable from the outer leather bag for more convenience when using your item

- With button snap clasp that holds your gadget securely inside the bag

- Supports the auto on/off function of your item; the device automatically sleeps when the cover is closed and turns on when the cover is opened

- With two plastic stickers on the internal cover that you can adjust for different viewing angles

- Protects your device from wear and tear

- Installation can be done in a snap and without hassle


Aside from the smartphone, another gadget that has an increasing growth in the number of users is the tablet. One of the most popular brands of tablets in the market right now is the Apple iPad. It has a lot of capabilities such as excellent audio and video playback, high resolution display, great camera, reliable Internet connectivity, and many others. Owning an iPad is literally becoming the latest craze and trend not only among the elite and working class but also among students. 

The cost of buying an iPad is no small matter. It is an expensive piece of device and therefore must be protected from any form of damage once owned. And when it comes to protection, nothing can compare to the protection the best iPad case offers. It is designed to be truly durable without fear of damaging your device wherever you go while being fully functional so you can enjoy the use of your gadget anytime. Having a great  new iPad cases is like giving your iPad a 24/7 shield from damage.

Depending on the model of your device, there are different types of ipad 2 case covers that you can choose from. There are cases for iPad mini, iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4. There are also covers with multi-functional designs that are compatible with different models such as iPad Keyboard.

Though cases and covers should be designed and constructed to protect your iPad 3 cases from scratches, bumps, drops, and everyday use and abuse, not all cases for iPad offer the same level of protection. This is partly due to inferior materials used and poor construction of some cases that are being sold by many online stores. That is why when shopping for iPad cases, it is important to shop only from a trusted online store such as Zipea. Most of the products they sell are carefully selected are the Best for Ipad.