Mike Rogers 10/13/2012

I never carry my iPhone without a Bumper. The Exoskeleton protects it and keeps it looking good without adding significant weight or bulk. Being an aluminum bumper it also doesn't block the signal. I even bought one for my son, just different color.

Why Buy IPhone 4/4S Cases from AT-Cases?

AT-Cases is a good place to find unique smartphone covers and accessories at reasonable prices. From aluminum, plastic and carbon fiber covers to magnetic pouches made out of leather, customers will find something to keep their smartphone safe and secure while looking stylish at the same time. Most of them are designed for the Apple smartphones, but new categories and supported smartphones are added on a regular basis. We accept PayPal and Credit Cards for secure purchases online and multiple shipping options for those who want their stuff right away.

When customers visit our store, the first thing they notice is the variety of skins available. Not two are exactly they same, which is great for those who like to stand out when using their phone in public. There are covers with team logos, famous products, mirror finishes and more. One particular iPhone 4 case is shaped like an envelope that's magnetic, covered in leather and can hold a few credit cards for quick access at the store. Another holds a back-up battery for extended use and recharges the phone while someone is away from a power outlet. That's just a couple of the accessories AT-Cases has to offer. For those who are looking for iPhone 4s cases, the ones that AT-Cases offers will work for either version of the iPhone 4. There's no need to worry about which iPhone 4 case is compatible with their device. Some of the types of products you may find here: smartphone wallets and cute skins, awesome wooden smartphone covers.

AT-Cases also offer plenty of shipping options to those who need a new cover in a hurry. Naturally, this also includes orders for multiple iPhone 4s cases or covers for the whole family or a group of co-workers who need to protect their new device for work. If a customer receives a broken product or the wrong one, we'll replace it at no additional charge or offer a full refund if the item they ordered is no longer in stock. As for financial information, privacy and security are top priority and will never be shared or sold to anyone.

AT-Cases also offer other items for iPads, Samsung, HTC and BlackBerry devices. Our selection keeps growing every week, so be sure to check out our website often for the latest items and deals we have available. Most of the items from such categories as bamboo and designer skins, cool iphone 4 cases and bumpers, battery extenders and waterproof protective bags range from $20 to $50, which is moderate compared to the big name sites and store who either sell the same items at a higher price or only offer a small selection of them.

For those who want a unique iPhone case or cover, take a look at the ones available at AT-Cases before making a final purchase. There's a good chance that we have one that someone else doesn't offer or being sold at a higher price somewhere else.

Our Best Products


Aluminium alloy hard skin for providing protection and easy accessibility to control keys of your new smartphone. Ever wondered how to protect the prized possession of the iPhone 4/4S? If not, then start thinking and get a quick solution as the iPhone is a very highly priced product. Thus, there is need for a hard, durable yet stylish cover to protect the device and also to give it a more stylish appearance. The Distinctive product mainly covers the majority of the phone back. Additionally there is a big cut-out at a portion which allows the logo of your iPhone to be seen from outside, thus, making way for the passersby to have a glimpse of your prized possession. It is also hard enough to prevent your gadget from any scratches. It protects the phone when it gets dropped from a certain height. The strong and durable covering will endure the shock and prevent your device from getting damaged. The thin yet durable cover is very easy to install and also gives your phone a shining appearance. The alloy (a material produced by mixing a number of metals) which is used to manufacture the cover, gives it a tough appearance and also provides durability to the product. The thin lining of silver electroplated edges makes it glitter in the light. The cover is also very compact, making it easier to carry the phone in the pocket, even when the aluminum cover is on the device. The hard skin is also provided with a number of options through which the various ports of the phone can be accessed without removing the cover itself.



Merged skin is a must for ensuring double protection to the iPhone 4S. In order to provide additional protection, a cover like Merged is absolutely necessary. Many people do not give much priority to the cover or their phones, but the smartphone needs to be taken care of. This kind of cover will perfectly fit the nature of protection that a phone of this type needs. The innovative protection of the face shield protects the screen of the device from getting scratched by any means. The skin is characterized by premium silicone with an in-built antimicrobial protection for the product. This also helps in the prevention of the device from getting infected with harmful germs that would otherwise harm the user. The double layer provides extra protection to the gadget by absorbing the extra bumps. A double layer of cover is always beneficial for any gadget. It also protects the device screen from getting scratched. The hard and strong make of the product using silicone is highly useful for producing the extra safety feature that the cover adds for your expensive device. In addition to the double-layered cover protection, the strong silicone material along with the hard plastic cover maintains a strong balance and acts as an additional shock absorbing material. In this way, it prevents the gadget from any kind of shock that might harm the device inside the highly protective cover. Lastly, the gaps or the precisely cut portions on the cover allows easy access to the port openings of device, without removing the cover itself.



This cover is special in its own way and will surely give you service in a more different manner. Made from transparent high quality materials, this skin brings a unique feature when used on your smartphone. It will enable your phone to maintain its stylish look given the fact that it has a transparent silicone to provide that functionality. It will prevent any unnecessary shocks on your phone. The Fogy transparent silicone skin will also protect your phone from the common bumps, fingerprints and scratches which may deteriorate the quality of your phone. The additional shock absorbent and shatterproof functionality that this product has enables it to perform at an extra angle as compared to the many others. While using Fogy, you will not have any fear of your phone falling off as it has an anti slip material which enables you a firm grip of your phone. Even the soft and comfortable feel at the skin gives a comfortable touch whenever you are using your phone or just showing off to friends. Accessibility is no limiting factor when it comes to using Fogy as it will provide you with enough sized cutouts to allow compatibility with other third party accessories. Controlling the icons is also not limited because you can easily access all the controls without removing this antislip transparent silicon cover. Installing this skin is quite simple and will not give you any challenges because it can be done without any prior knowledge or know how.



People, who want to keep their smartphone charged on the go and protect it at the same time, may consider 2100mAh External Battery Vertical. Sporting a smart design the 2100mAh External Battery Vertical can protect and charge both iPhone 4 and 4S. Users always want their gadget to be charged for consistent use, and this charger pack does the same. Offering added protection with a comfortable non-slippery grip, the cover comes with a battery capacity of 2100 mAh with lithium polymer rechargeable battery. The design is sleek and lightweight making it easy to put it on and use it for charging the gadget. With double the using time of smartphone, this portable battery can charge it and synchronize data via a micro USB cable attached to the PC. This is especially useful for those who travel a lot, as they can keep their smartphone charged and protected while travelling. It offers an input of DC5 V or 1000 mA like standard USB adapter from Apple and users will get a Micro USB along with the battery charger. Once the battery case is on, it keeps the battery recharged for using the phone anytime. Operating it requires simply switching on and off as and when required. While recharging the battery the skin also protects the gadget from nicks and cuffs. The phone will be intact and all charged up with this battery cover.



Worry about mobile protection from rainwater or swimming ends with waterproof sport poncho covers. Protecting gadgets from dirt, dust, shocks and bumps is not enough as raindrops can equally cause damage to the sensitive and beautiful phones. Well, when you have waterproof sport poncho type of covers, then there is nothing to worry. You may need to pay a few extra bucks to avail the covers but you get additional services in return. It is because, the cover not only prevents water to get inside but also gives enough protection from daily damages like bumps, shocks, dirt and dust as well. In short, you use the coverings to serve dual purposes. The 3.5 mm audio jack is the special attraction of the phone that gives you the pleasure of listening music from different i-items like iPod, iPads, etc. What is good about the casing is it fits in other items like MP3 players along with the i-items. The neoprene Velcro that you adjust at arms gives better traction and prevents it from falling when you use the device while working or exercising. The headset is also very thin that fits in properly and doesn't come out always. The submersible technology used while manufacturing, keeps sand and dust at bay. All the parts of the covering are easily adjustable and no additional tools are required. This covering is perfect for them who like their accessories to look sporty from every angle. This accessory deserves to be in your collection. The all-new device is available in black color because black looks perfect for such a sporty and handy covering.



Take advantage of the sunlight to provide power for your phone using this portable Solar Energy Power Station. This device can directly and efficiently convert sunlight to energy and store it into the inner lithium battery for charging your device. When sunlight is not available, you can also recharge this power station via a USB cable and charge it with your computer. It can fully charge your phone for extended hours of usage. With its lightweight feature, this device is excellent for long trips and for daily use. It comes with a silicone case that provides protection for the device so that it can last long. Converts sunlight into energy and store it into the inner lithium battery for charging your gadget. Capable of fully charging your phone. When sunlight is not available, an alternative source of energy is via USB cable and it will charge your phone from the computer. With silicone case that protects your phone for long-lasting use. Ideal standby power when travelling or in outdoor activities. With a built-in solar panel that constantly charges under sunshine. With LED light indicator that displays charging status.